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Sydney Academy

a fast bowlers dream.

Term 3 Academy:
Wednesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Max 12 Bowlers

The Sydney Cricket Fast Bowling Academy is Sydney's first dedicated academy for fast bowlers! We are a mobile business with our headquarters operating out of the East Sydney Cricket Centre

As a fast bowler, it can be difficult to know what you should be focusing on with training and your development. Our academy will take that confusion away. On intake, our Head Of Performance will conduct a screening to assess you physically and screen for injury potential. Then, our Head coach will conduct a bowling profile analysis using the latest tech and profiling methods on the bowler.


A program will be designed based on these results to make sure you are given the best chance at success. The bowler will receive a bowling program as well as a physical performance program.


For our younger players, the physical performance program is focused on raising the training IQ of the player and further developing foundational movements such as running mechanics, and plyometric training to develop appropriate force absorption strategies and overall fitness.


The bowling program will always include a weekly academy-style coaching session with our coaches and other passionate fast bowlers. It will also include a realistic load management program which can be implemented during the week including matches and training.


Depending on the time of year group sessions may be organised for all SFBA bowlers to train together and partake in expert sessions.


The final part of the package is a mentor program. Each player in the academy will be matched with a mentor who will provide advice and guidance for the best outcomes for the bowler. From speaking to coaches both club and SFBA coaches to monthly chats with players and parents our mentors will always have your back and best interests in mind. 

Sydney Fast Bowling Coaching
Cricket Technology Ludimos

The Academy



  • Player Portal on Sydney Fast Bowling Ludimos 

  • Injury Potential and Physical Screening 

  • Bowling Profile & Report 

  • Personal Injury prevention & performance program designed by the head of performance 

  • Personal Fast Bowling program designed by Head Fast Bowling Coach

  • Weekly Group Academy Sessions

  • Personal Mentor and Monthly mentor sessions

Physical Screening

Each player who enters the academy goes through a physical screening by our Head of Performance. This testing is done to screen for injuries and give our coaching staff an understanding of each athletes current training IQ. 

Bowling Profile

Our head coach will complete a bowling assessment and put together a bowling profile of the athlete. The assessment will be done using some of the latest tech on the market. This will assist in the creation of the bowling program. 

Training & Bowling Program

After the physical and bowling assessments our head coach and head of performance will come together to design a bespoke training program for you. This will include your training schedule and an at-home program. This program is designed to take into account your current playing and training commitments. 

Weekly Training

Your program will include weekly academy 

sessions with our head coach and head of performance.


Developing your fast bowling through targeted training focusing on developing speed! These sessions will also be a chance to develop as athletes and work on fast bowling-specific strength and conditioning.


Sessions may vary from speed sessions where we try and push you to a new level in your bowling speed to targeted drill sessions focusing on a specific component of your action. 

These sessions will vary on the period of season and can be catered to individual players within the program each week. 

Mentoring / Load Management 

We want the academy to be a safe place for our bowlers. That is why we will work with the bowler to manage workloads and make sure they are firing for when it matters! We also know how vulnerable talented fast bowlers can be to selfish junior coaches just looking for their next win. Our team of mentors will always provide the player and the family un biased advice and guidance with only the best interest of the player in mind!

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