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Cricket coaching Sydney


Sydney fast bowling academy

is creating the future's elite fast bowlers.

Our mission is to allow each fast bowler to develop the skills and mindset to go all the way! 


Our specialist fast bowling coaches are determined to guide each bowler to reach their full potential through a hands-on and supportive environment. 

Our coaching goals can be broken down into 3 pillars. 

  1. Bowl Faster

  2. Take More Wickets

  3. Stay fit and play more games

By Sydney Fast Bowling Academy focusing on all three of those goals, we can achieve the best outcomes for our bowlers. 


Our coaching methods come from studying international experts, their personal bowling career and experience in coaching and developing fast bowlers.


At Sydney Fast Bowling Academy, we look at fast bowlers as athletes first and then as Fast Bowlers. That's why we offer Fast Bowling Specific injury prevention, Strength & Conditioning as well as rehab programs. The best fast bowlers in a team are usually the best athletes. In saying that, we are not selling generic gym programs, your program will always be specific to you, focusing on what you need to improve your bowling. 

One of the challenges of being a young fast bowler (and the parent of a young fast bowler) is the feeling of “I don't know what to do / I don't know what is best for me?”. To answer this question, we work with you to create your own custom development plan, using leading edge coaching, technology, industry research and mentoring to offer a safe place where you can push for your dreams, while your parents can feel confident that their son/ daughter is in good hands. 


Being a talented young fast bowler is a double-edged sword. You are good at your skill, so you want to bowl, and your coaches want you to play for them. Sometimes, however, you need someone to be looking at the big picture and to offer advice that is purely based on what is best for you as a bowler, and not only focussed on the wins and losses of their team. That is why we are passionate about offering both player development mentoring all the way through to management for our older bowlers. 

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